Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just Enough Time...

Yesterday was a rough day for me. Although I accomplished a lot (for my current status that is) I was in an obscene amount of pain. I did what I do best and trudged on through it and relaxed when I had a second to do so.

I was fully anticipating on not making it to church today. I actually woke up with Ryan this morning at 5:30 and the pain hadn't even subsided in the least. I pulled myself out of bed to grab a bite to eat knowing that it would be easier to do so while he was still home then trying to climb up and down the stairs by myself.

With a Ward Activity coming up I had to hang some posters and make more fliers as well as hand out sign up sheets for the Pot luck. I contemplated calling a couple of the sisters that are nearby and asking them to come by and pick up what I needed to have hung up, copied and distributed... but that seemed like a large task to ask someone else. I slathered my hip in Tiger Balm and went back to bed after Ryan had left... so I could get in a few more hours of sleep.

When I woke up I felt a million times better. Something that I had already tried seemed to work this time for me. I still only anticipated stopping by for a few minutes and then leaving. "I will only stay for a few minutes" I kept telling myself. Half way through Stake Conference I told myself "Once I cannot handle the pain anymore I will head home"... next thing I know the two hour session is over and I have collected all three sign up sheets and my three posters are hanging in various parts of the building along with a few handfuls of fresh fliers.

My drive home was good... no sever pain... I unload my car and head inside. As I was balling up some pre-made cookie dough I begin to realize the pain was back. It seems I was spared just enough time to make it all the way through church... and here I am sitting on the couch comtemplating if I have the strength to get up and grab a fresh baked cookie from the kitchen.

The Lord is great isnt he? If He hadnt given me enough strength to get me through church today I wouldnt have been able to fulfil my calling or have the privilage to listen to Mary N. Cook (YW Pres.), Elder Robert D. Hales and President Henry B. Eyring.

Although I am once again in pain and limited in my ability to get up and move around... I am grateful for the opportunity I had today to do that which I was not able to do with out the help of my God and my Savior.



Em and Ms said...

We really are blessed for doing what's right. I hope the pain goes away for good soon and everything is okay!

museumeg said...

I'm so glad you were able to make it to church. What happened? Why were you in so much pain? Please call me if you need ANYTHING! Feel better soon!