Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Little Green Thumb

Well I have been working on the garden and the yard a little more lately.

A few weeks ago I weeded the garden out really well and took out the old scalloped edgers to get ready to put in new pavers.

I have also fertalized the garden and yard along with laying new grass seed down to help boost our lawns ... meager appearance.

Ryan and I have working on removing the sod from along the front walk and transplant Hostas for a nice edging.

Since we have still been dropping into the mid 30's at night once in a while... planting my flower seeds was a little bit of a risk so I decided to bring them in this year.

(Dark Purple Alysum and White Marigolds)

(My lonesome strawberry plant!)

(Cosmos & Bachelor Buttons)

So what do you think?! Did I do a good job? I am pretty excited... I think I did a pretty decent job for someone who doesnt really know a whole lot about gardening.



nikki_ty said...

they look good! make sure to post pic's when they are in bloom!

Kelsey said...

Looks like they're coming along just nicely. Hopefully it'll warm up for you soon so you can plant them.

Dani W said...

Thanks Nicole!!!! I was hoping you would see this post... I have been so nervous as far as getting this whole garden going. I cant wait till the frost advisories are no longer an issue so I can plant them. Trust me I will be taking plenty of pictures to commemorate my very first garden! YAY!