Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Adventures of Zorro The Masked Kitty

So our cat Zorro decided to make a a run for it the other day and had his own little adventure. After a few days of being MIA I saw Zorro hanging out in the field across the street. When I called his name... his ears perked up and he just walked in the other direction... stupid cat.

After calling his name a couple dozen times I decided he was probably hungry and I put is food dish out on the front steps with the front door open. About an hour later our dog Zoe started paying a lot of attention to the screen door and refused to lay back down on her bed... so I got up to see what she was so interested in. Sure enough her friend Zorro had decided he was hungry. I brought our little jungle kitty inside and doused him in flee and tick spray.

I am happy to report that although he looks like a matted mess he is indeed happy to have food in his belly and not out in the rain.

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