Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Its Resolved...!

Remember this post?! Well my trip to the Commissary went fine... not good nor bad just fine. They gave me a phone number to call and sent me on my way. I get to my car, call the number to find out they are not open Saturdays... so I left a message and left it at that.

Monday morning I got a phone call at 8:30... blah who calls on business that early?! I waddle over to the phone, clear my throat and answer the phone. I explain my issue of signing for 26 dollars of groceries and coming home to find that I was charged an additional 50 bucks bringing my once meager bill to $76.12.

She was reluctant to help me since I had to receipt and seemed to be unaware of how everything done these days has an electronic paper trail. My frustration grew and then she said this... "Let me just take a look at one more thing... wait a minute THATS not your signature?!"... it was a bitter sweet moment for me. I was relieved to know that there was proof something was wrong but ticked off that somehow someone else walked away with 50 bucks that came from my account!

She hurriedly got off the phone to make a phone call so she could resolve the issue. With no phone call yesterday, like I was told I would receive, I grew impatient again. I called the Commissary this morning and found out that the cashier had not closed the transaction and the customer after me signed for mine AND his groceries... with my card. Well... maybe that guy needed the extra 50 bucks... you never know... but the store has an envelope waiting for me with 50 bucks in it. Thank GOODNESS it wasn't something big and just a sheer mistake. I would have hated to have to involved Pre-Paid Legal but ya know... when push comes to shove I know that I am legally covered and cant be taken advantage of! (sigh) What a relief!



Em and Ms said...

I'm glad you got it all worked out, even if it was a pain.

Kelsey said...

Good to know it got fixed! It's worth the trouble for 50 bucks of your money!