Friday, May 6, 2011

She's a Fixer Upper

A few repairs/upgrades to our home ... 

 Fixing the mess of a plaster job the people did before us. 
After (Looks like a cross between stucco and venetian plaster)
 Before: Hideous "Rainbows" as I call them. 
 Close up view of the "rainbows" on our hipped ceiling. If you got to close the texture would stab you in the head! I know you are jealous!
 Our new entry way from the garage! It was a beautiful shredded astrotuft and carpet tiles before... 
All of the white part was either forest green or brown. It is definitely brighter now!
 The previous owners were definitely rebels when it came to the rules of decorating by putting a bedroom fan in the living room... 
 My handy man in action! You would not believe the intelligence and skill level of the people who installed the previous fan... lets just say a few choice words slipped while uninstalling the old fan.
 Our new fan!!! Hey this one is in fact a living room fan... who would have thought! 
 Finished painting trim... it is called... Coconut Milk! You like?!
 Put up the corner molding boxes so we can put up the crown molding. Its all in the details!

I can safely say we have only made a small dent in the things that need to be done... no worries... I know we can do it!

Many MANY more pictures to come as we tackle the rest of our projects head on! Now if only we had done all of this three years ago we could have enjoyed all of this!


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amanda said...

Wow, I really like all of the improvements that you have done with your house. Do you know where you will be moving too? We just bought a house in February and we are finding out about all of the never ending projects that we need to do. And yes, we are living in Utah. I sent you my new address a while ago when you had asked for it but something weird happened with the e-mail so I was unsure about whether or not you got it.

As for McKayla's hair. From what you said it sounds a lot like Olivia's. Curly until the lay on it or go in their car seats. So, much to my husbands dismay, I actually bought some mouse for it and it has been working really well. I just put some in right after her bath and it seems to keep the curl in better and longer. You should try it.