Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Making The Most of What You Have...

So apparently I am one of very very few that do this let alone have even heard of doing this.

Once a year, or as needed, I re-dye all of my black clothes... black. I wash all of my dark fabrics in cold water but they still fade so my once worn weekly favorite black tee finds its way to the back of my closet... until I re-dye everything... It is like buying my new favorite black tee all over again!

This time around I had a load of all black laundry which included: button up shirts, Ry's work socks, a bra, sports bras, black under tees, dance/yoga pants, and a few other regular casual tees.

It works great for pretty much every fabric and only costs a couple dollars. I opt for the Washing Machine method since I don't really want to sit and wait for things to soak and what have you... that and there is virtually NO mess. Just make sure you run an empty cycle of JUST WATER & BLEACH after wards... or your next batch of laundry will have a nice surprise ready for you when you take them out!

Here is the link to the web site for all of the colors they offer as well as fun dyeing techniques and craft ideas. They also have really good stain removers and color removers (which works great for all white clothing!).

Try it out and tell me what you think! Happy Re-Dyeing!


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