Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pedi's & Pets...

So as MANY of you may already know a couple of my friends and I went to get out tootsies treated! Boy was it great! Sitting in the massage chair while the lady papered my toes... **sigh**... I was in heaven!
(On the left is Sandra, Jennie on the right and my pudgy foot at the bottom)
Next time I am getting a cute flower like Jennie has... SO CUTE!

Aside from getting the royal treatment... I have also been enjoying the crazy personality of my dog. Zoe is what we like to call... "special"... Watch the video and you will see why... dont worry it is super short!

Zoe is hours of entertainment... I love having her as a dog! She loves to cuddle and has the cutest puppy dog face ever! Lately she has been glued to my side... I think she knows that the baby is coming soon and is trying to fill her "reservoir of attention".

Although she is cute and funny... she is a digger. Yes, a digger! We now have booby traps in our backyard that she has so kindly laid out to protect us from intruders. Thanks Zoe... dont know where we would be without you!


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museumeg said...

I totally wanted to go with you guys! Just couldn't bring myself to ditch my husband again. Your toes look so cute! We will have to do it again sometime.