Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finally... We Have Pictures!

Ok... so I have been promising pictures for some time now of our progress on the front yard and house.. well here you go! Before and after pictures of front yard!


(Front Yard... depressing isnt it?!)

(Our lovely "garden"...in sad sad shape!)


(Front yard after lots of weeding, seeding, transplanting,
removing sod and many other laborous tasks!)

(Our not as pathetic looking garden! We have cleared out all but two bushes in the back and transplanted the iris'. We also leveled it out, weeded, removed the ugly edging, and are starting to lay the foundation for the paver's retaining wall.)

Aside from the front yard we also tended to the back yard... cleaning up the remnants of the porch we tore down almost a year ago... mowed the lawn... added a new solar led motion light for the back yard... and a few other tasks that just needed to get tackled. Thanks to the missionaries we were able to get a lot done in a little amount of time. Dont worry I fed them really well that night! :)

Zoe enjoying her back yard that no longer resembles a jungle!
She is super stoked for all of the new free space out there!

I have a few more pictures to post but it is late and I am tired... tell me what you think of the improvements so far?! Any suggestions?!



Kelsey said...

I think what you're doing looks great! Keep it up!

museumeg said...

It looks awesome! Good work you guys! You have been working hard and it shows!

Dani W said...

It feels like it is taking FOREVER ... mainly because it is lol... but it is nice to see SOME progress! Next things to tackle... the pool out back, finishing off that retaining wall, planting my super cute flowers and finishing off transplanting the Hostas!

Jes, Janessa & Jackson said...

it looks great!!! i'll let you know when we have a house and need help with the yard! ;)