Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Expanding Waistline...

Well Tuesday night was our first Birthing Class... it was ... interesting. Lets just say we learned a lot! This whole dilating thing... not so sure I am comfortable with it... and did you know only 10% of womens water break!! How the heck am I supposed to know it is time to head out to the hospital?! The do NOT prepare you for this in the movies that is for sure! lol.

No it definitely wasn't a bad experience just... interesting. I did however get a few questions answered and some comfort on certain issues. I think I raised my hand for a question every couple of minutes... Can you blame me?! I have no mother figure out here to explain all this to me and on top of that MY Mom had pretty much the easiest pregnancy known to man so she really isnt much help on a lot of issues... like morning sickness and fatigue. Haha I would call and ask her questions of what I should expect or how she delt with it and her reply usually was... "I did really ever experience that so I dont really know what to do about it." Now if we were all as fortunate as her... we would all of 15 kids and our own TV shows about having 15 kids. Hmm... and why she only had one child I am not sure.

Anyhow... my belly is starting to get... big. I will post some pictures tomorrow so you can all see. I am still pretty small for how far along I am but boy oh boy can I feel my circumphrence expanding!

Our next Dr appointment is June 9th. Our last appointment went really well... I gained 3lbs. She has a strong heartbeat and my blood work for my Thyroid came back normal. I had them check my Thyroid levels since it has been about a year since my last test and Thyroid Graves Disease sorta runs in the family... best way to keep it at bay is to monitor it and stay stress free... lol... well at least close to stress free!



Em and Ms said...

I never did a birthing class, but I talked to a lot of friends and my sister. Going into labor is nothing like the movies. Matt was kind of disappointed we didn't have the mad rush in the middle of the night. I had asked many people what contractions felt like, and mine didn't feel like what they described. It just felt like low cramps, and my belly didn't even get hard. I wasn't sure I was in labor, so I went in to my doctor's office to have them check. My water didn't break--they did it at the hospital. What I'm trying to say is, it's different for everyone but you kind of know what's happening. And if not, well, they'll let you know. Seriously though, if you want to ever email or call me with questions I'd love to chat. I'm no expert, but I talk a lot :)

Jeremy and Brigitte said...

I agree with everything Em and Ms said. Except I did take a birthing class. The only class in the whole valley that worked with our schedual was a refresher course for poeple who already had kids. We took it with my sister. It was nice because I already knew most of the basics thanks to some classes in college and it just gave us the essentials. I was also panicked about how I was supposed to know when I was in labor. My mom and my sister never felt painful contractions until right before the baby came. They kept telling me I would know when I was doubled over in pain---- Yeah never happened. Luckily my water broke at the docters office. It will be fine. You will have your own unique story soon.