Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Im About 90% Done...

Well... I promised to post more pictures of my garden... So here they are! But first lets take another look back at the lovely landscaping before I got my hands on it.

(Eww... I didnt realize how sad our lawn looked too!)

The 90% finished product! I say 90% because I still have some little seedlings that I am working on that I will be planting here in a week or two.

Dont you love the awesome concrete work the people before us did with the stairs? Bleh! Being a concrete finishers daughter... I cringe every time I see these stairs... why?! Because finishing concrete isnt THAT HARD! lol. Oh well... good thing my dad is a carptenter! Oh Daddy!!! he he he.

I prefer this view of the stairs better lol... at least you cant see the horrible patch job they did. But look at my cute little flowers starting to take root. Oh I cannot wait for them to bloom. Once they do you can expect a ton of pictures!Yes, I am aware that my yard needs to be mowed... but hey at least it is green... ish!

My cute little seedlings! Every time I have a new empty egg carton I start another set of seeds. I know I am cheap but hey ... I guess you can call me "green" too lol... mostly just cheap.

Speaking of cheap guess what I got in the mail!?!?!

Ok... So I know I am not in need of a sippy cup right now... but hey they were giving them away for free with no shipping and I can always hold on to it for when Olivia gets old enough.

Last but not least... my babies. I told you they have been attached to my hip. Sometimes more literally than others.
(33 weeks & 4 days)

Well back to being productive. I have more weeds to pull, dishes to do, laundry to fold, more seeds to plant, and floors to sweep... and yes that mulch in the pictures was spread this morning. Nothing like breaking a sweat first thing in the morning! Hope everyones day is a spectacular one!



Jess and Carl said...

You are too cute! The yard/garden looks great and I got a free sippy cup from there too! We are such prepared momma's!

museumeg said...

Good work! I love starting seeds! It's so exciting. That picture of your cute pets and you sleeping is so cute. It cracked me up.

Mame Voelker said...

That looks amazing! You really do know how to do almost everything!