Monday, August 1, 2011

The BIG Move... Part 1

Before our BIG move to Utah we had a little fun while still in NY... here is proof! 

 We "played" with crayons... and by played I mean Olivia decided to eat and rub pieces all over her face... 
 Rolled around our living room... all three of us!

 Both girls had their first pedicures!!! (the feet above are Eva's and the tiny princess feet are my now 2yr old Olivia's feet... both girls wear the same size shoes...)

 Showed off our toothy grin

 Played Peek a boo... 

and finally enjoyed a little bit of the NY sun... it may have only been June but man it was HOT!!! 

Stay tuned for Part 2... where we ACTUALLY hit the road, Amish country and the beautiful Aunt Kathy's house...