Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Moving Part 2...

We left NY really early in the morning err... late at night, so we could be to Bradford, Pa early enough in the day to spend some time with my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Tim. My beautiful Aunt Kathy is a wonderful woman and was actually the one who inspired me to become a cheerleader! She has aged so gracefully and her beautiful face reminds me so much of my Grandmother who of which Miss Olivia is named after... 

Our two beautiful girls just after they had woken up bright and early! 

Ryan decided to take our brand new Pathfinder on a few muddy trails... he was pretty stoked! 
I cant decide what is prettier ... my adorable little girl or the breathtaking view of my Aunts property behind her...! 
My HAM of a dog Zoe... 
Some girl time out on the back deck.
Olivia bribing Daddy and Uncle Tim to push her in the stroller... Uncle Tim gave into the beautiful big blue eyes and she enjoyed every second of it! 
Isnt she just adorable!?!? We decided to burn some energy before hopping back into the car for the second leg of our very VERY   V E R Y   long trip back west! 

Saying our goodbyes 

Following the signs to Amish Country!!! It was a small detour and we may or may not have gotten lost but it was all worth it! 

Best Rest Stops EVER!!! Love these rest stops in Indiana .... The Oasis' are bridges that cross the interstate and have a couple dozen shops, restaurants, vending machines ect. The person who came up with these is a genius! 
Saw this in Ohio and HAD to take a picture of it... "Here Comes Martin!!" HAHA 
Who needs a yellow brick road when you can follow the red colored road?!
My adorable little giggle monster! 
Oh the windmills of Wisconsin... beautiful blue sky and vibrant green grass. 

The girls watched a LOT of Finding Nemo and when times got tense ... I just did what Dori kept saying in the movie... "Just keep swimming... just keep swimming..." because it took us two days to get from Bradford, PA to Rapid City, SD... two VERY long days! 



The 'Smarty Pants' Family said...

wow love these pics. your girls are adorable!

Epic Fail said...

Moving is always an ordeal. I'm supposedly moving soon myself, but there has been some holdups so I'm left hanging.

Epic Fail said...

OK, my comment made no sense at all. Sorry about that. You aren't moving. Somehow along the way I got the idea that you were moving all the way across the country. My bad.

Charlotte said...

Happy birthday girls.

Do you will share birthday pictures?

Mase said...

You have such cute kids and your blog is such a good example of what LDS stand for, thank you1