Thursday, March 28, 2013

This Never Ending Roller Coaster Ride...

Well I have been MIA for a little over a year and I thought it might be time to say hi... We have been up to our eye balls in busy-ness. Life hit us hard when we left the Navy and moved out west, which was expected. The winds of change have moved us over here, nudged us over there and blown us so hard it nearly knocked us off our feet a few times. We have finally settled into a routine that shamefully took over a year to achieve. None the less we are here and have finally found solid ground.

The girls have grown like weeds. Pictures will be provided as proof. My babies are babies no more. Olivia knows her Solar System and Evelyn is mastering her ABC's. Technology is a breeze with both girls and navigating a cell phone is nearly common sense to them. They are bright, loving and beautiful girls.

Ryan has found his little niche in the world. After doors slammed shut on us career wise due to the economy he was able to follow what he felt right about and enjoyed. We are still in the process of forging forward yet the pathway seems to make more sense.

We celebrated 6 years of marriage in January and I honestly couldnt be happier. We both have our flaws but the wrinkles have started to smooth themselves out. Personality clashes have started to become less relevant and more humorous than anything. Ryan's jokes still are not funny... unless you ask him of course.

As for me I am back home with my not so little babies. As I pushed and pushed in the work force the Lord kept pushing back until I was finally back where I belonged. My girls are the most important thing to me and He has made it very clear that their well being is far more important than a meager paycheck. I still contribute here and there but bacon only comes home when I bring it from the grocery store. As the puzzle pieces fall perfectly square I cannot help but think how foolish I had been to not follow the Lord sooner. We recently decided after much consideration and divine intervention that I would be reopening my Boutique but hand made baby wraps were not making enough of a profit margin so new inventory was needed. After some elbow grease and common sense the pathway was made a little bit clearer.

So here we are to present tense... and it only goes up from here.

Dani W

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