Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finally... I Can Breath!

Our Christmas Ward Activity this year was a time period themed party based around the birth of Christ... Called A Night In Bethlehem. It was the first time I had ever hosted a party that wasnt 100% my own vision... instead I had heard about and researched it from this web site here. I thought doing it this way would decrease the amount of work on my behalf because I was wanting to reduce the stress this time around for the holidays... yeah I was wrong... VERY WRONG! I have NEVER put this much effort into an activity before. I was there everyday the week of setting up, sometimes twice a day. I dragged my poor kiddos to over half of those set up times. After all of the hard work and planning it turned out great! Here are a few pictures of the evening. 

 Before the crowds!
 Centurion standing guard

 Ryan & LivieBug
The whole family!
 The Inns

 The Bishops Bread Bakery
 Chalk Mural for the Manger backdrop
Manger, Wells & City Wall
 The Census
 The "Citizens of Bethlehem"
YM Toy Shop
YW Fruit Market
Bishops Bread Bakery
"Primarily" Crafts Shop
 The Sweet Relief Bakery
Me & Vanessa (Mary)
 Mary & Joseph
 Ryan and a VERY tired Evelyn
 Mary, Joseph & Baby Jesus
Good Citizens of Bethlehem
 The Skit 

 The Ward Choir

 The Wise men


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