Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pay It Forward 2011!!!

 Pay It Forward 2011. I will send something handmade to the first 5 people to comment on this post. To be eligible you must also post this on your blog, offering the same to 5 other people. Items will be delivered sometime in 2011.    
    Ready, Set, GO!!!!


Erin and Casey said...

Yes Please! :)

The Dump It Here Creator said...

I have done this on Facebook but will definitely post this on my page. I think this is a wonderful idea, putting the smile on a person's face when they get an unexpected gift in the mail, priceless.

Kyle and Amanda said...

Sign me up! What a good idea.

Karen said...

Count me in! I'm not very crafty but I'm sure I can manage to make something decent to send people in the next year!