Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sorry So Late Guys!

I have been super busy lately but like I promised I come baring pictures!

We had so much chili we had to bring out another table to fit it all on!

Before the Blessing on the Food:
Just before everyone went home:
Some of our "special guests", they even dressed up!
I went as a Ref... and Ryan was well... a Football player... I tried to get him to be a Giant since we are in NY but he wouldnt have it and lucky for us they sell Chargers Jerseys here at out Wal Mart.

Here I am announcing the winners for the Chili Cook off... I fell into character and pretended I was announcing the winners as if they were playing in a basketball game. I am a nerd I know.

Handing out candy to the kiddies! We didnt have a lot of time to decorate our trunk... instead we decorated an entire gym!

I had lots of help from Sis. Steele, The Angel family, the Missionaries and my wonderful husband. I am so glad it turned out so well and looking back I dont know what I could have done to make it any better.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures... Next activity will be the Ward Christmas Party... yeah I think it will go well! :)

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