Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Sweetheart Tag

1. Where did you first meet your sweetheart?
I met Ryan through a mutual friend who initially wanted to set us up... I saw a picture of them on our friends myspace page. We stated talking on the phone and he just so happend to be coming down to Utah, where I was living at the time, so we set up a lunch date. What stated out as a lunch dated turned into him visiting me most of the time he was there istead of his friends he came down to see.

2. What do you remember about him/her the most?
He was funny and smitten with me... When he first stepped out of his car I was like... whoa he is cute and then I got out of my car and was like... wow... he is shorter than I hoping. lol. But he is a few inches taller than me and just right!

3. Who asked who out first?

Well I asked him if he wanted to hang out and have lunch when he got into town... so I am going to say me but he will probably disagree.

4. What did you do on your first date?
We went to Applebee's for dinner after his flight came in... we ran into a friend of mine there and I knew I was not going to be going on any other dates anytime soon... and sure enough the word had gotten out that I had been on a date and that he was HOT!

5. What was your favorite thing to do together when you were dating?
Just being together... part of our early development the "getting to know you" stage of things was over the phone since he lived in a different state so really anytime we were together it was great and that is the way it is still... we can spend all day every day and be happy as can be!

6. When was your first kiss with your sweetheart?
Was the weekend he came down to Utah... I told him I didn't kiss boys I was dating and so the next morning he gave me flowers and asked if we could be exclusive... that night he dropped me off for the evening and just before I closed the door he said "Wait I forgot something!" and he kissed me on the door step and I turned bright red and became super shy.

7. When did you first realize you loved him/her?
I knew I could fall in love with him immediately... but I knew I loved him on one of my visit back to Washington I was staying with him and we were cuddling and I just knew!

8. Who said it (I love you) first?
He did! I didn't reply right away because I wanted to be certain this time around... but not long after I told him I loved him too.

9. How did s/he propose?
On our trip to San Diego to meet his parents we were walking around the Hotel Del Cornado... which Ryan talked me in going to take a look at... after an evening of dinner, walking on the beach and seeing some of the sights he proceeded to pull something out of his pocket... a hot sauce packet from taco bell... that said "Will you marry me?" on it and I... knowing that he was going to propose just not where or when looked at him and was like... you have got to be kidding me. He followed it with "Yeah my mom and little brother found that at lunch yesterday pretty weird huh?!" Then he went in to tell me how much he loved me and how much I meant to him and how he couldn't go on living with out me in his life... drops to one knee and asks me to marry him. I say yes of course and we hug and then we hear the people that had watched this whole thing happen start clapping and whistling ... he had got a standing ovation from the on looking crowd. We ended our night with pictures to remember the evening and a very cold walk on the beach.

10. What are two things you remember most about your wedding?

Well we had gotten married civilly before he left on deployment... I had gotten sick and needed to see a doctor for some womanly issues... Ryan hearing the news wouldn't leave on deployment with out me having insurance to make sure I was well when he got back so we prayed and decided to get married civilly before he left... which at first I was so not ok with but after having away for so long it made it easier on our new relationship that I was his wife and not just a girlfriend and that he was my husband and not just another boy I was dating.

Our civil ceremony was quick and to the point... nothing special but Ryan and I both agreed that our Temple Sealing was the one that meant something and that was what we looked forward to.

Our Temple sealing was beautiful and I couldn't have asked for a better place to have it then in the San Diego temple and a beautiful day with an amazing husband.

Two things I remember most from my temple sealing are looking up and seeing my dad as a witness... I saw tears in his eyes and I told the sealer " You did that on purpose didn't you!?" But it was a long journey getting my dad back to where he is now and I don't think there is anything it this life he would have wanted more than to see his only child married in the temple and present for it.

The other part I hold close to my heart was the advice the Sealer gave... he had us look at each other in the mirrors and explained that you could only see one of you and many of our spouse and that is how you should think or your marriage... for every one time you think of yourself you should think of your spouse and if were where to both do this we would have a successfull and selfless marriage... That image of us in all white holding hands and staring at each other in the mirrors will forever be in my mind... it was a very special experience!

I tag Misty, Kelsey and Amanda Moore.


Em and Ms said...

This was so great to get the details filled in about you guys. Though I've never met Ryan, you guys seem so perfect together. How great that you found one another!

C.Family said...

I am glad you found someone who makes you so happy. I just wish you guys lived a little closer. New York is too far!

Dani W said...

Tell me about it... NY is way way way to far... I cannot wait to say good bye to this place.