Monday, January 19, 2009

2 Awesome Years!

He is still perfect for me!

Well... another recent development that I have had this past month or so of not blogging was mine and Ryan's 2 year Anniversary. It doesn't feel like it has been two years but... sure enough it has. I guess him being gone for 7 1/2 months kind of shortens the amount of time it feels like to us.(Pre-engagement)

We are waiting for our tax return to spend money on each other but we did have a nice quiet day together. Ryan had the day off which was nice because I hadnt seen much of him that whole week. I swapped days with a girl at work and was fortunate enough to get the day off I wanted. I had told Ryan I was going to be working and when he woke up next to me that morning at around 9:30 in the morning he was a little surprised.
(After 7mo. of Deployment)

I made him his favorite breakfast, french toast and eggnog... luckily they still have some left in the stores around here. For lunch we went out to Applebee's more because of sentimental reasons than anything. We had our first date at an Applebee's in Utah and thought it would be a good tradition to have ... something we can share with our kids down the road. We were dressed up and happy to be out of the house for a few hours... we just enjoyed our time together and then headed back home for a movie.
(Hanging out together)

We popped in the movie as dinner was cooking in the oven and had a nice relaxed night in. I baked sheppards pie for Ryan, also another one of his favorites, and he has had plenty of leftovers since.

These past two years have been great and I look at my husband everyday and I feel so blessed to be with someone who loves me so much and completes me so well. Not a day has gone by these past two years that we havent said "I Love You" to each other or made the other smile. He is more perfect for me today that he was yesterday... and it will always be that way.
(Our sealing in SD)


Em and Ms said...

Congrats on your anniversary! It's always amazing how fast time goes, but then again I'm sure you can't really remember life before each other. So...when is the big announcement?

Dani W said...

Ha ha ha I dunno... we will have to see what I am "announcing" lol... ;)