Saturday, January 24, 2009

Getting To Know You...

Getting To Know All About You!

Name: Danielle Dawn Wolsey
Age: 25

1. I am infatuated with Dill Pickles.
2. But not all Dill Pickles are equal... they have to be "The King Pickle" kind... nice and sour!
3. I am apparently not immune to morning sickness... I have been sick for 6 or so weeks... give or take a few days.
4. I hate feeling sick... even more so throwing up.
5. I love feeling handy and needed... being useful but not used.
6. When I was little I tried to "run away" and made it to the backyard... turned around and crawled back through the window and went back to sleep.
7. I have moved over 27 times in my life...
8. apparently I like change...
9. I love to cook and it bugs me that I cant right now since I cannot handle the smell or standing for that long.
10. I have a lazy eye... Ryan thinks it is a really cool party trick!
11. When I go to sleep it has to be completely silent and dark.
12. I despise doing dishes by hand but I love my dishwasher.
13. I solve problems backwards... I find the solution I want and work from finish to start... "60% of the time it works every time".
14. I love watching movies and I quote them frequently... see above quote!
15. I haven't had a full soda since I have been pregnant this is HUGE for me!
16. I love surprising people... but cannot usually wait to surprise them... I am getting better at not ruining the surprise.
17. I hate being cold... no matter how many layers I put on I still seem to feel cold if it is cold outside.
18. I am madly in love with my husband.. but I am sure you all already knew this.
19. I am very possessive of my hair... I hate short hair and have gotten my hair cut by the same person since I was 12... my aunt.
20. I love traditions... I come from a family that has lots of them and married a man who has almost none of them... we are still finding middle ground on holidays.
21. I love being out doors and exploring... hiking is one of my favorites!
22. I get flashbacks all of the time of places I have been and things I have done throughout my life... this happens at least once a day.
23. I love to travel and since I cannot go as far away as I can to see things I have never seen I watch the travel channel... a lot!
24. I get excited when the Ensign comes in the mail and read it all within the first two days of receiving it.
25. If I have a hard time falling to sleep I write letters, poems, songs and blogs even... in my head... for some reason I always tell myself I will remember them in the morning... but they are never as eloquent as they were the night before.


Melissa and Bryan said...

That was fun to read! Good job on not drinking any soda! And congratulations on being pregnant! That is so exciting!! HEaring the heart beat is amazing! Just wait until you get to see the ultrasound!

Em and Ms said...

So interesting. I didn't know you had a lazy eye, and we've been friends how long? Matt also has a lazy eye, but his causes him to see double constantly. It's okay, I can just blame things on his "other wife."

Padilla Fam said...

i love reading these! congratulations on your pregnancy! i'll pray for you!
p.s. i loved how you surprised me for my bday when we were rommates and decorated my bed with fun things! thanks again for that-it was very thoughtful of you!