Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside...

Well... the leaves have started to change into beautiful shades of gold, orange and crimson. There is something magical about watching the leaves change and fall... it is something that is taken for granted a little out here on the east coast and not plentiful enough in the west.

As I have watched the leaves change I have been itching to get things done. A few of the things I need to "change" are:

  • being more consistent about cleaning the house, not that it is a disaster or anything but I always seem to wait till it all needs to be done instead of doing bits and pieces here and there.
  • getting my work out on... I have surpassed my recovery phase and need to get the ball rolling and get my body back! I just dont have as much energy as I should and getting back into shape will definitely help aid in that!
  • being better about updating my blog!!! Yikes... so I am past the point where I can blame sleep deprivation and recovery from keeping me from my blog... no excuses.
Some of the things I was able to get done lately are

  • changing out Olivia's closet... yep... she is in transition already. She sure has been growing and is creeping closer and closer into those 3 mo. old sizes with a couple more weeks to spare! Ok... so she is pretty much on time with the sizes but... it doesnt feel like it has been almost 3 mo.
  • changing my hairstyle!!! Yikes that took a leap of faith for sure! I was so nervous to get it cut but at the same time I had talked about doing it for way to long and just needed to get it done already!
Well you can obviously see that I havent been ... changing ... things as much as I should/want to be. Hence the whole... I need to get stuff done attitude.

Does this happen to anyone else or is it just me?!



museumeg said...

Nope, it happens to me too! I really like the short hair. I didn't get a chance to tell you yet. And I've lived her 10 years now and definitely don't take the gorgeous leaves for granted. I hope I never do!

Em and Ms said...

You also appreciate the leaves changing more when they don't! At least not until December here. You're not the only one. Now that I'm finally feeling better I've been jumping into all kinds of projects. Good luck with all your changing!

Jeremy and Brigitte said...

you're doing fine. You're just adjusting to mommy life. I told you "to do" lists drastically change after having a baby.