Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm B A C K!!!!!

Hey Everyone! So... I have been a little on the "busy" side here lately but now that September is over... life will most likely level back out and calm down.

Last month looked something like this... 1st week... got ready to fly out to Las Vegas.

2nd week... Spent time in SLC & Vegas for the National PrePaid Legal Convention. I had an absolute blast out there... learned so much and became just over all pumped up about our business and the opportunities it will soon bring.

3rd week... flew home and while recovering from my red eye flight ended up getting sick... got ready to fly back to SLC for more training and a wedding.

4th week... flew out to SLC ... visited friends, visited family, had our family portraits taken, worked on training and building our business and attended our good friend Jeffs wedding. Flew home to NY with a nice new promotion and a few hundies richer! Life is good in PrePaid!

Oh... I almost forgot to mention... before I flew home the first time I cut my hair... yes... I finally cut it and I do have to say... I am rather fond of it!

A candid shot of us just being us... in love!


Daddy's little princess and the very proud papa!

Our cute little family of three!

My favorite shot of the day... my beautiful blue eyed girl!

To make a long story short... flew here... flew there... had fun... learned a lot!



Em and Ms said...

Cute pictures! I never thought I'd see you with such short hair, but I love it!

Kelsey said...

Your hair look really cute. Is it an angle cut? I can't tell from the front. It looks really nice on you though. I love the picture of Olivia in pink! Cute cute!