Sunday, November 8, 2009

Full of Firsts...

Shots & Whole Foods...

Well lately we have been making some progress... Olivia just had her 2 month check up that had been pushed back about a month and a half. We were out of town when she turned 2 months and when we got back into town I made her appointment then found out the next day that our insurance didn't process right and she wasn't fully covered... so we had to wait.

With Livie up to date on her shots it was time to conquer solid foods. She just didn't seem content with her bottle so I ran to the store and bought a small can of Single Grain Rice Cereal with DHA ... mixed it with formula and then came the mess... oh and it was a mess!!!

She didnt even know what was coming... but look how cute she is! Her out fit is from Grandma Louderback and her blanket is from Grandma Trish...

She was pretty upset after her shots and with a hello kitty bandaid on one leg and a barbie one on the other. She took it like a champ!

Very soon after her shots she fell asleep in her swing while holding her bottle... with assistance that is.

Daddy was very eager to feed Olivia! He had just come home from work and offered to be the first one to feed her! :) We put her in her bumbo she was good to go!

She was much more accepting of the cereal when it was on her fingers instead of the spoon!

Mmm Mmm Mmmmm....

I think she got her eating habits from her mother... haha

Yes... she even got cereal on her tiny little feet... she went strait to her bath after all of this was done.

Wanna hug?!



Missy said...

I love the picture of Olivia "holding" her bottle!! She is growing up so fast!! ;) Love all the pics!

Jes, Janessa & Jackson said...

soooo cute!!!!