Monday, November 9, 2009

Leelou Swag Give Away

I Love a good give away... I rarely win but it is so much fun the anticipation of it all! Here is a link for her first give away item. Check it out and let me know what you think! :)

Leelou Swag Favorite Things Give Away

Well in preparation for Christmas here is a list of a few of MY favorite things!

1. Bumbo Baby Seat- Pretty much the most amazing invention since sliced bread!!! Olivia can sit up and help me cook, watch me fold laundry... just hang out... it is great!

2.Munchkins Jelly Bean Sling carrier- Takes "Attachment Parenting" to a whole new level! It is wonderful to be able to take care your baby AND fold the clothes, do the dishes, clean the house, vacuum the carpet... the list goes on! It is wonderful because it is maneuverable ... carries in the front, side or back.

3.Editor Pant from Express- AH-mazing! This pant fits just about anyone like a glove! Glorious!

4. The new Blastoff Network - So awesome to be able to fully customize your own homepage...everything from what games you want to play, your background, the news you want to hear about and ... what stores you want to shop at! I already have a 20 dollar check in the mail for all the cash back rewards just for last month! WOO HOO!

5.Mekenna Jewelry Armoire by Pottery Barn- Organization is kind of a minor obsession of mine... this jewelry box has tons of storage and organization perfect for the little things that glitter!

6. Nikon D3000 - "Incredibly easy, incredibly fast"... I would love to have this camera to catch all of those fun moments in life! :)

So what are some of the things that are on your Favorite Things list?!


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Jeremy and Brigitte said...

I definantly need to get one of those slings with my next baby. I never got around to it with Brogan. Also he didn't like Bumbos and could escape them so we never got to use that either. I need to start thinking about Christmas shopping. We might ask Santa for a new comfortable mattress to replace the concrete slab of a mattress we have been using the last 3.5 years and a nice new bedset to go along with it!