Wednesday, April 28, 2010

8 mo Pictures

Well here she is ladies and gents! I have yet to take her 9 mo pictures but then again she did just turn 9 months old. So here our little LivieBug is in a brand new and super cute spring dress after church!

Olivia with her bunny from her Easter Basket and showing off one of her newest skills... clapping.

This is the only smile we got out of her this time around but it is a cute one and we got an added bonus of her waving!

Olivia is doing really well in all of her abilities. At 8 months she was 18 and a half pounds, could crawl faster, pull herself up onto things as well as INTO things, her bottom two teeth finally came in and she started to eat table food like green beans, bananas, apples, cheerios and even pickle slices. I know pickle slices are a little strange but she LOVES them and it isnt much of a surprise with her being my daughter!



amanda said...

So cute- she is really growing. Can you believe that our little girls are almost a year? She is a little bigger than McKayla- who is only like 15 pounds.You need to do a post about you and the newest little addition! I want to see pictures!

museumeg said...

It's all those pickles you ate when you were pregnant. lol!