Sunday, April 25, 2010

Caught In The Act...

Olivia has been crawling for couple of months now but speed was never on her side, which I am not complaining about. The last month or so she has been getting into EVERYTHING and here is some of her incriminating evidence!

Exhibit A:
Inside the end table. She must think it is a fort thankfully she wont be able to crawl in much longer!
Exhibit B:
She was being quiet while I was in the kitchen making dinner and this is where I found her!

Exhibit C:
She managed to tip it down and back up again ... she had fun until she realized she couldn't get out.

Other than crawling in and on things she has also been into cupboards and drawers, none of which have anything in them, but with a stern no and removal from the scene of the crime she is beginning to understand where she can and cannot go. Glad she is a quick learner!

Just FYI yes we are aware of how to baby proof a house and no we do not plan on baby proofing our home minus the dangerous stuff (i.e. outlets and cabinets w/ chemicals in them). We figure she will just have to learn for herself that those places are not for playing in... a little restraint and boundaries never hurt anyone.



NaDell said...

We have that same side table! Funny.
I totally agree with your stance on not totally child-proofing. They have to learn that some things are not to touch. Even though they have trouble with that....especially at any Grandma's house. =)

Jeremy and Brigitte said...

Yeah eventually they grow past the point where you can baby proof anyway. Brogan can get a chair and get into almost anything now days.