Thursday, August 5, 2010

My First REAL Sewing Project...

So a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a high chair re-purposing tutorial (here) and thought to myself... well that would save me a TON of money. Instead of tossing out the hand me down high chair we were given by a good friend of ours before Olivia was born I could just make a  new cover for it!

(This high chair was in MUCH better shape before Olivia got her hands on it.. like the duct tape?!)

(All in all everything took me about 4-5 hours to complete from deconstructing the old cover to make a template from to adding the finishing touches)

I have a few projects I am planning on tackling next... a few baby gifts for some expecting friends, adding some length to our living room curtains, a skirt for Olivia, coordinating quilts and pillows for the girls, replacing the cover/seat for the bouncer we were given from another friend of ours and finally... finishing that darn pillow case dress that I started making for Olivia well before her birthday. 

What projects have you been up to?!



Jes, Janessa & Jackson said...

wow.. great job!! i love it!!! i realized i left my sewing machine back in washington.. :( of course.. now that i'm in the mood to make some baby things, ie; burp rags, blankies ect.

museumeg said...

Wow! The old high chair looks great! What a fabulous project! You are one talented lady!

Dani W said...

Awe thank you guys!! Im rather surprised it turned out so well... I was half expecting a disaster and defeat lol.