Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Finished Projects!!

I have been using my "down time" to tackle a few sewing projects. My first big project was making a new high chair cover to replace the old one that falling apart, to say the least.

 I figured since I could handle that I could handle a few more smaller projects no problem. So here are my finished products... some took a little bit longer than others due to being at the mercy of the pay check to buy supplies.

 Here is Olivia trying on her new dress for the first time... I think she makes a pretty cute little model... what do you think?!

Yay! She likes it! That bow is going to give me some grief though... I am going to be constantly retying it... oh well all in the name of fashion.



Antonia said...

Cute dress!! Why not make the bow a permanently tied one? Your projects are amazing, ever look into Etsy for selling anything you make?

Dani W said...

Awe thank you!!! I would make it a permanent bow except for she has her daddys big head and if I made it large enough to fit over her head it would fall right off of her body lol. I actually have an etsy shop but there is nothing in it... I was planning on selling hair bows or bath salts. Then again I didnt have a sewing machine when I opened it... hmm... something to consider! :)

Mame Voelker said...

That dress is adorable!!! You're sewing projects look great!

museumeg said...

I love love that dress! Adorable! I buy one from your Etsy shop. :)

Kyle and Lacey said...

Way cute! Way to go, you domestic diva you!

Antonia said...

Well when David and I have a daughter I know a place I'd look for a dress or blanket ;o)