Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Progress, Progress. Progress...

So lately I have been incredibly unmotivated... the "nesting" period just did NOT want to kick in... until now! I have been busy as heck with random odd and end projects while simultaneously picking up things in preparation for our little Eva.

Things I have been on the hunt for and FOUND are
  • A bed for our spare bedroom ( which I found for free on Craigslist and has yet to be painted and have a mattress to go with it)... and at the best price ever... FREE!!!

  • Second dresser for the girls room (had to be low enough to use as a diaper changing station as well) Found one on craigslist for 20 bucks... everything is in perfect condition I just need to scrape off a few stickers and paint it a nice antique white!
  • A new diaper pail (Munchkin carries an Arm and Hammer one that has a 5$ coupon out right now that is AMAZING!!!)
  • A side table or book shelf for the girls room (had to be sturdy enough to withstand kids and capable of having a lamp and humidifier on top)

  • A mirror for the wall in the girls room... $3 off of Craigslist... after a quick couple coats of antique white spray paint she was good as new!
  • Find a pattern for and make a Moby Wrap style baby carrier. I found mine at THIS web site.

  • Strip off many layers of paint off of a toy chest I found at a garage sale for 7 bucks and repaint it. 
 (after shot soon to follow... my dad actually restored it to its natural beauty... thank goodness for handy and helpful dads!)
  • Find a pop up tent small enough for our living room but big enough for two little girls to play in... found one at the town wide garage sale that has all of the princesses on it at a steal of a price... $2!!!
Im finally in a place where I feel somewhat satisfied with the amount of progress and my stingy spending habits have sure saved me a ton of money... it is moments like these that I am glad I grew up in a hard working and creative family... I definitely owe my parents and grandma for those traits! I have tons more pictures to share but for now... these will have to do!


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