Saturday, September 25, 2010

Having Dad In Town

My Dad was able to come out to visit us for two whole weeks and it was great! There is nothing better than a big hug from your dad and mine was long over due! I guess after 2 plus years away from your family it is to be expected though.

His time here in upstate NY was spent mostly right here at home with us or watching Olivia, which Im sure was just sheer torture having the cutest blue eyed blond doting all over him... poor guy didnt stand a chance! He loved every minute of it and she took to him the second she saw him. Other than trying to keep up with our very active 1 yr old my dad was able to help us out a lot around the house... lets just say we put his carpentry skills to good use! He was able to accomplish a lot of the tasks that I hadnt gotten to yet or just didnt have the skill set to do myself.

The whole purpose of him coming out, other than to see me of course, was to be here for the birth of his second granddaughter as well as her baby blessing. It was a wonderful experience to see my father holding his granddaughter for the very first time and the joy the radiated from his face and the close second of seeing my wonderful husband and father standing next to each other in a circle of upstanding men giving Evelyn a blessing and a name.

I couldnt have asked for a better experience and look forward to seeing him hopefully soon... along with the rest of my family.

 Picking up Grandpa from the airport
 My dad and his girls
 We took Dad on a scenic drive along the Hudson River and stopped to soak up the view along the way

 Along our route we stopped by a veggie stand that had goats and pigs that you can pet... Olivia really liked the pigs!

 You would think Olivia would be screaming in this picture... nope... she was gigging and loudly at that!
 In between projects one the house we took dad out to see some of the sights, as much as my pregnant body could handle that is. Congress Park was one of them!
 We rode the Carousel ... it is an old wooden one that was build well over 100 yrs ago.
 LivieBug and her Grandpa!
 9/11 Parade and memorium... we all were wearing patriotic attire but Im pretty sure dads was the most patriotic!
 Our last sunday as a family of three and little miss olivia is sporting her Dress I made her along with a super cute look on her face.
 Wednesday September 15th... the morning after Miss Evelyn was born and LivieBug and Grandpas first time meeting her.
 A VERY proud Grandpa and his newest little grandbaby. 

It was great to have my dad in town... he was a huge help and great fun! Love you bunches Papa... cant wait to see you in April! :)


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Antonia said...

Seeing the pictures with your dad and Olivia, or even your dad with Evelyn makes me long for the day when my dad will hold his first grandchild...thank you for sharing such lovely photos!!