Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy Busy Little Bee

I have been putting some serious miles on my sewing machine lately and my latest dabbles have been Baby Wraps (which I sell in my Etsy store here), a draft guard for under all of our doors as well as my knock off BabyLegs leg warmers.

 My new super comfy Baby Wrap... I am calling it the Cozy Wrap... until someone tells me that name is taken!

 Pardon the "nakedness" but my model didnt want to hold still long enough to put her clothes on...
None the less... she did hold still long enough to get her new BabyLegs leg warmers on!!!

I asked Ryan the other day if he ever imagined that I would get as much use out of that sewing machine he bought me for my birthday as it has... he of course said no way... but to be fair I think we are both surprised how much use we have gotten out of it. I am SO grateful for my sewing machine... and even more for my amazing husband how bought it for me! :) 

Now if you will all excuse me Im going to go put my sewing machine to good use... again! :) 



Julie said...

CUTE baby wrap!

Mara said...

Love the baby wrap! I am a huge fan of Etsy they have the most beautiful things. I found my sons first birthday shirt with his name personalized there.

Jake, Bergan and Brinley Hobbs said...

You are so cute! You have beautiful children. So happy that you are doing well. XOXO