Friday, October 8, 2010

My Favorite Things!!

So everyone knows that Oprah has an episode she does every year or so where she lists all of her new favorite things and I thought it would be neat if I were to list a few of my new favorite things that I have come across recently.

Such an awesome web site! I have never actually won anything from here but am constantly introduced to new products and vendors... which isnt always a good thing for my pocket book but hey day dreaming doesn't cost anything!

 Welches Essentials White Grape Peach & Mango Juice

It is sooooo delicious and LOADED with extra Vitamins, Calcium and Antioxidants as well as no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Im no super gun ho about All Natural or Organic but hey... if I can buy something that I would have already bought that just happens to be better for me then it is a definite bonus for me and my girls!


Now... we have had NetFlix for awhile but I have recently fallen in love with it ... again! I got curious one day and looked up childrens videos... for Olivia. I found TONS of videos like Baby Einsteins and Brainy Baby so instead of paying a bunch of money for DVD's she may or may not like... I just put it in my queue!

Not only are there educational DVD's for Olivia in my queue but there are also... drum roll please... WORKOUT DVD'S!!! Yay!!! So I snag the new Jillian Micheals work out DVD and if I dont like it or get bored... just trade it in for a different one like belly dancing (wink wink).

The Cozy Wrap

Ok so I know this may be a bit cheesy BUT hear me out... So a lot of you know that I have started making and selling Baby Wraps in my Etsy store. I have named the The Cozy Wrap because, well I needed a name and it just seemed to fit!

I made one for myself and wear it ALL the time... people everywhere have been asking me where I bought my carrier and I for awhile have told them "Oh I just made it myself!" then after much flattery and praise from my hubby I decided that maybe it wouldnt be a bad idea after to sell them in my empty Etsy store.

I own 4 baby carriers and this really is the only one I use. Evelyn is safely tucked in with only enough room for her to breath and wiggle around a little bit. So unlike other carriers when I bend over to grab something off of the floor or am loading the dishwasher I dont have to worry about her flopping around or falling out.

It is SO nice to have my arms back and freedom to get up and move around again instead of being secluded to the couch with a screaming newborn. Not only that but she is MUCH less fussy while in the Cozy Wrap then she is any other place.

 DownEast Outfitters Clothing

This (link is located above) is probably my favorite website to drool over clothing and seeing as how I live on the East coast and am no where NEAR one of their stores... I can hit them up online and pick up clothes that I know will fit modestly and be adorable at the same time. I LOVE the fact that they have expanded their clothing line to include coats, jeans and even jewelry. Right now they are actually running a breast cancer awareness promotion where all of their pink tees and camis are only 5 bucks! Sweet deal!

I have SO many other new favorite things that listing them all would take FOREVER... what are some of your favorite things?


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