Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Miss Evelyn 5 month pictures!

Evelyn turned 5 months old the day before we flew to San Diego! It was her first flight and handled it like a champ but our veteran flier Olivia ... not so much.

We didnt catch any smiles but we did later discover why she was gnawing on Olivias pink bracelet so much... She got her very first TOOTH!!! We didnt even know she was teething until her first tooth had broken through the surface. Evelyn is such a happy baby... always smiling, babbling, cooing and getting excited.



NaDell said...

I love her hair! She looks all grown up. You could totally pull off a haircut like hers, but it would be a HUGE, drastic change from long hair. She's adorable.

Lesley Wright said...

Your girls are so beautiful. You look so happy.