Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Playin In The Snow...

There is FAR too much snow in the North East for my liking. It is always beautiful to look at but so cold to be in. If winter wasnt so darn cold Im sure I would enjoy it more. This winter has been an odd one... the first have was mellow with maybe a dusting of snow. That all changed once January hit... snow snow EVERYWHERE! After much, much MUCH snow... we decided that we might as well go out and enjoy it! Olivia got all bundled up and waited patiently until Dad got home from work so she could go play! 

 Waiting for Dad ... 

 (Olivia is standing on about 2 1/2 ft of snow with probably an additional foot of snow drifted on the sides of the walk way)
 LivieBug on a huge mound of snow... also known as our yard. (Pardon the front of the house we started getting it ready to paint before winter hit) 
 Olivia didnt know what to think about the snow being taller than her!

 Yeah... that is a lot of snow! 
She was not a fan of standing out on the top of the snow all by herself ... 
 This is my favorite picture of the Winter... Below is them zoomed in and cropped! lol 

 Ryan putting Olivia to work... 

 She was a little more than tired after playing out in the snow for the first time! Maybe it was all that snow shoveling she did! 
Yup... Im gonna go with we wore her out pretty good that day!


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