Monday, May 19, 2008

Back in Touch With Reality!

So today we finally got our Internet, phone and cable connected. I know... you are all happy for my return to civilization.

I have moved to a new town... I would like to clarify where I actually live... it is a full blown bustling Village. A step above a Hamlet actually. Ryan and I bought a nice cape cod style house in Corinth New York. Our "Village" has four, not a joke, Sheriffs two of which live on my street. We have a Rite Aid and a Family Dollar, three bars and the Hudson River. I do not get cell phone reception, text messages only and that is when there is not a storm in the works.

Ryan passes the "Welcome to the Adirondack Park" sign on a daily basis. I am told that I live in the Mountains... I only see hills, silly New Yorkers. The ideal day to hold a Garage Sale is none other than the holy sabbath... no garage sales for me for awhile.

As for my ward... blissful! I have a wonderful ward and only live about 20 minutes from our church building. I know we actually have a church building... I thought we might being holding sacrament in the bishops house or a rented out office building. Our choir is approximately half of our rather meek sized ward. Sunday school is held in the chapel and there is always prime princess parking, front and center.

I have had a mild case of home sickness and the common cure for this well... access to the glorious world wide web. Boy did I miss you guys!

Well I will attach a lovely slide show of a few of our happenings and posting by popular demand are a few pictures of Mine and Ryan's temple sealing and reception pictures.

Hope I hear from all of you... I could really use a comment or two!

---The friend in the middle of no where,


Em & M's said...

Welcome back! I was actually just wondering how you were doing in New York a few days ago. Glad to hear you're getting settled in okay. Sounds like where we lived in Virginia--the Village of Marshall. And actually, we were a couple miles outside Marshall. I bet it's beautiful there though. Internet access definitely makes a difference.

Dani W said...

Haha... yes yes it does! Boy am I glad to hear from you Em. How have you been??

C.Family said...

Congrats on the sealing. You look so beautiful in the pictures. I am sorry you are feeling lonely. It will take a while, but I am sure it will get better. Feel free to email or call anytime.

Kelsey said...

Hey I'm glad you've made it to your destination safely! You'll have to post pictures of your house! I'd love to see it. I loved your pictures- you're beautiful & you both make such a cute couple.