Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rain Rain... Go Away

The major pitfall of living inside the boundaries of a national park is... the weather. It has rained for the majority of the past five days. Our last oober hot and sunny day was Saturday. Bleh! The weather changes its mind more here than it did in Seattle, I didn't think that that was possible.

I have kept myself rather busy with inside chores. Our newest adventure on the outside though is tearing down our porch and cutting down the trees and bushes that surrounded the house. We have gotten most of this accomplished but with the rain it has been hard getting the motivation to venture outside for to long.

One major benefit for the rain is... I don't have to water my gardens!


Em & M's said...

I'm jealous! Here in Vegas, let's just say we really don't get much rain. Rain actually is a novelty here. When it does rain it's usually a quick downpour and it's all over in a few minutes. I actually miss rain. But guess what? Today it rained! Yep, we had a beautiful, wonderful, cloudy, rainy day! It was so refreshing!

I stinketh not!! said...

You actully live in the Andorandick Park. There is a huge sign coming into Corinth for 9N. It's said it rains more here in NY than in Wa.. go figure, see ya soon