Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!!!

I Stand Among The Silent Ranks... Where Do You Stand?

Woo Hoo!! Not much else is more fun than a mass picnic in the park to celebrate our countries freedom and those who have fought for our right to have it.

As many of you know my husband is in the military... Navy to be precise. I am so proud to be called his wife. I have endured a very long 7 & a half month deployment, many Underways (lasting anywhere from a week to a few months), duty days and just the general political mess that comes with being apart of the military.

In return for my sacrifices as a Navy Wife I get more than just free health care and discounts at the movie theater. I get the satisfaction in knowing that my husband is doing something to guard our countries freedom and make sure we are safe.

While on his last deployment aboard the USS John C. Stennis he helped in being a support to our front line troops by aiding in the replenishment of supplies, being a safe zone for air craft to land and take off from, as well as showing to the world and those who are against us what America is made of. They sent with them a message that this country is not to be walked on and our troops are nothing to be messed with.

(This is a picture of the USS John C. Stennis and the fleet that patrolled the Persian Gulf)

You will see on the news many stories of our troops unwanted and stirring up havoc on foreign land, ask any of them... this is simply not the case. We are fighting for a cause and only together can we win.

I challenge you all to take some time today to thank someone you know who is fighting for this country or someone who sends their loved one off to war. I know that if it weren't for them working together this country would not be as safe or as free as it is now. I know that they would appreciate being appreciated!

I stand among the Silent Ranks... aiding in those who keep this country together. Where do you stand?

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Em & M's said...

Great reminder on Memorial Day. I'm definitely glad we have people willing to fight for our freedom as well as the freedom of others. I always think it's interesting when you talk to soldiers who have returned from Iraq and how the main thing they say is it's necessary. They see what we don't, and all we get is the media version of things. Thanks Ryan for serving our country, and thanks Danielle, for supporting him in that.