Friday, November 21, 2008

Now That That is Taken Care Of...

Well... now that I am fully recovered from my minor melt down... if you are not sure what I am talking about... please read previous post.

Anyhow... My stresses out here consist of:

  • Catty Co-workers
  • Bad Drivers, yes you were right Janessa!
  • Rude inconsiderate people
  • Too many things on my plate in genreal
  • Planning ward activities and teaching lessons for YW & Sunday school
  • Making sure the house is clean, laundry is done, bills are paid and food is cooked
  • Constantly fixing up our house... little paint here, minor adjustments there
  • Being on a different schedule then my husband every week
  • The list could go on and being far from my family in a state I absolutly hate does not make it much easier.
I am so bothered by how mean the people are in this state. The fact that it is winter already totally freaks me out since I dont like to be cold and I hate the snow. Then there are the drivers... I still cannot get over how bad they are here... bolting out into traffic like they are suicide bombers on their final mission, going 15 under the speed limit and hold up a long long line of cars, blinding you with their brights because it requires to much of an effort to flip them off a mile away from my eyes, full on running red lights or even worse... sitting at green arrows. These poeple act like they have never even heard of a DMV or Drivers Ed. I was sitting behind a guy who had his blinker on at a red light waiting to turn right... no one was in front of him... I honked and then he realized "oh yea.... free right turn!" BLAH!!!

I was on my way home after work and could just feel my blood boil as I was trying to hurry home and the guy in front of me was going 30... in a 55. WHO DOES TH AT!? Where come from... the speed limit is 5 over the "suggested" speed limit.

So as far as my frustrations go ... there are plenty of them to go around... but I have accepted my fate since there isnt much else I can do about the attitudes and actions of other people.

Thanks for listening... glad I have a few people out there that care enough to read my thoughts and pat me on the back when I need it the most.



Kelsey said...

I remember when we lived in Tacoma and when we'd drive home to P-Town we always managed to get stuck behind someone in the left lane going slower than the "suggested speed limit". I tell ya it never failed. Joe says WA drivers are the worst. When we lived there I had to agree.

Em and Ms said...

Sorry you've had so many frustrations lately. Read Elder Wirthlin's talk from General Conference. There's a quote in there I think you'll appreciate :) I think anywhere you live you're going to think the drivers are bad. We thought they were bad in Utah (they were--5+ cars trying to "make it" through the yellow light after it was red), but they're bad here too! It's more cutting you off here.

I stinketh not!! said...

I hear ya sister! I hate our drive home! I totally understand the diffrent schedule thing, its really hard, I wake up at 2 in the morning so that i can shovel the driveway for him. You seem to be doing a great job with the YW in our ward. Keep up that great smile.