Thursday, November 6, 2008

Your Wish Is My Command...

Thanks for the pep talk Em... I read your comment and knew just what to write about... well blog about that is.

Here is something that no one knows yet... we have a new kitty!!! Yay!

His name is Zorro and he is very active and a MAJOR cuddle bug.

I found him sleeping like this the other day when I got home from work... strange cat he is.

We also went to Palmyra the other day and here are some pictures from our trip.

As for the colors of the fall... they are pretty much all gone but before the went away I snapped a few good ones right from my own backyard.

What does fall look like in your area?!


Em and Ms said...

Glad I could be good for something :) Although, next time you could split this into 3 posts and then you'd have even more to blog about! I'm glad you got a sweet kitty. Much better than a devil kitty. The temple looks so pretty--how neat that you live so close to so much church history out there. And I LOVE the fall colors, especially the picture looking up at the tree. SO pretty. Fall here looks like sunshine, blue skies, and palm trees. Pretty much the same as summer...and spring...and not so different from winter. I do love the warm weather and we've been enjoying playing outside, but sometimes you just want a gray rainy day to curl up inside with a good book and a cup of cocoa.

Antonia said...

Define fall...San Diego has NO fall!!