Monday, December 7, 2009

Craigslisting It Up!

A busy bee I have been lately. Some of what has been keeping me so busy, other than Olivia, is craigslist. I admit here and now... I have a problem... but I can quit whenever I want!! I promise!! haha. No but seriously I can totally quit whenever I want.

Here are a few pictures of some of my finds

My new killer rug that I got for 35 bucks!

This was my first find! An antique mahogany side table for only 35 bucks!

I found this desk and a similar one that I got both for... FREE! Yep! The guy originally wanted 30 bucks for each and I told him I saw the same ones at Wal-Mart for 40 brand new so he gave both of them to me for free!

My new oober heavy mirror for only 10 dollars! I also picked up the ACE personal training book for only 8 dollars... awesome deal for sure!

One of my new side tables...

The other new side table (this one is a little nicked up but I am planning on fixing that) and I picked both up for FREE!!! The lady we picked these end tables up from also has the matching entertainment center and is offering it to us for 50... pretty darn good deal!

My other first find my in need of TLC solid oak desk! The broken hinge is kind of a blessing in disguise seeing as how are printer will not fit inside of the space intended for it so we are planning on turning the drop down into a drawer. Not bad for a free desk!

My lovely Ryan picked this Thomasville china cabinet out and asked if it could be his Christmas present... well that was easy! We took this whole wall unit home for only 175 and something similar retails for 1800-2000 so ... my bargain shopping was have rubbed off apparently!

Well those are my Craigslist finds up to date... It has been a huge blessing to receive all of these things that other wise we wouldn't be able to afford! Come things need a good cleaning, some need a little furniture polish and others need a little bit more TLC but all of the items we have picked up have been solid construction pieces! YAY!

Have you found anything good on Craigslist?!


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Em and Ms said...

It's so great to get a good deal on needed items. Good job! I'll admit, usually I'm not patient enough for Craig's List. Once in a while I do pretty good though--like our bunny! We just sold a treadmill we got by a dumpster years ago for $150. Even better=making money off Craig's List! I'm planning on finding a bassinet for this baby after Christmas. Matt says I can't look before :)