Friday, December 11, 2009

Sporting Some Of Her Winter Wear!!!

Olivia wanted to show off her super cute winter wear to everyone... so enjoy!

My mom bought this outfit for her when she was first born and has been anxious to see her in it for months!

The outcome was well worth the wait for the teddy bear outfit... I personally think she looks like a snowbaby... what do you think?!

Olivia sporting her super fun hat that I bought her a few months ago and now it fits like a glove!

She finally has enough dexterity to hold onto things and play with them or chew on them... what ever works for her.

Olivia enjoying her cool hat and excersaucer!

Well there is my little munchkin in all of her glory! She is a big ball of energy and smiles!



museumeg said...

She does look like a snow baby! So cute! I love that outfit!

Riggs Familia said...

she's such a pretty little baby!