Monday, December 7, 2009

My Little 4mo Old LivieBug

My Little LivieBug

Olivia turned 4 months about a week or so ago and she has started to do some adorable and amazing things. She now rolls over from front to back and back to front as well as has started to scoot a little, she sits up almost all on her own and now has enough dexterity to hold on to things and with that... she puts everything in her mouth. Olivia started to show signs of teething a few weeks back and although the teeth receded they have started to rise back to the surface and we have a fussy baby again. Without any further adieu here are her 4 month pictures and a few others!

My little blue eyed girl doing what she does best... licking things.

Livie wearing one of the outfits that Grandma Louderback bought for her

Olivia playing in her Excersauser that she LOVES!!

Sunday afternoon nap... she is the happiest baby when she wakes up!

LivieBug Snuggled up in the blanket that Grandma Lapp made for her!

Well that is her in all of her glory! She is a happy baby all around, minus the beginnings of teething. Olivia has been a huge blessing in our lives and warms the hearts of all those that she comes in contact with!



Em and Ms said...

She's a cutie! It's amazing how fast they grow and change.

museumeg said...

What a cutie! I love the one where she has just woken up from her Sunday nap. It reminds me of the yoga pose called Happy Baby. :)

Kelsey said...

Her big smile just warms my heart! Cutie. I'll bet she would love a tag blanket, you can also attach toys to them. A good teething toy would benefit her :).

Kyle and Amanda said...

Hi- you don't know me but I sometimes look at your blog. I am not weird, I promise. My husband and I are really good friends with Chad and Amy Conger and I found your blog through theirs one day when I was bored at work. Something that is interesting is that I think my little girl McKayla was born on the same day as your little girl- July 22nd right? Also, they ironically have the same middle name- and spelled the same way. Small world. Anyway, every now and then I like to look and see if the two of them are doing the same things or what I can expect next if yours is ahead of mine. I just thought I would let you know that I look. I have a blog too if you want to get on, but you don't have if you don't want to. It is private though so if you want to send me your e-mail address I can invite you.

Have a good day!
Amanda Harrison