Thursday, September 11, 2008


This morning when I woke up I didn't feel any pain or sorrow... I just went about my day as I did the day before and the day before that. My heart wasn't beating fast and my eyes weren't swollen with pain... I didn't choke back tears or sulk in disbelief.

When I woke up this morning... I didn't even know what today was. I had forgotten all about 9/11... something I never thought in my lifetime I could ever do.

When I finally remembered what today was I stopped and thought about those that lost everything and those that gave everything that day and since that day.

There was a parade in my tiny town here in New York. We are still a three hour drive from ground zero but the pain is still felt here.

Seven years ago I cried with America as she lost some of the bravest she had. I watched the towers fall to the ground and my whole perspective of life changed. What was left of my young eyes where pushed into adulthood and I saw a grusome reality that although we, as a country, are powerful we also have are weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

I starred at the TV all day as I watched the events unfold...

People leaping from the buildings out of desperation to save them selves
Survivors running in the streets from falling debris
Business men in ash covered suits with breathing masks
Crushed vehicles in the once usable street
People caring for those that they didnt know

I know where I was when the world stopped turning... I was here mourning with our country.

I know where I am now... seven years later. I am supporting my country. I will never forget September 11th,2001. I am American.

We are ALL American... United We Stand.One Nation. Under God.Indivisable. With Liberty & justice for ALL.

God Bless America... the land that I live!


Kyle and Lacey said...

What a great tribute! And I loved reading the blog about your past year. The picture of you kissing during your hubby's homecoming is so cute. I can't imagine having my husband gone that long--you are a wonder woman!

Jeremy and Brigitte said...

I was in my second year of college when it happened. I got up grumpy becuase I was tired and wanted to sleep in and went off to my Modern dance class. I didn't even know anything had happened. When I got to class Sister Ofarrel told us what happened and we had a prayer. I didn't get it, I though "oh sad, there was a bad plane accident." Then when I got back to my apartment and turned on the news the Shock hit me. I remember at the time my perspective on life turned upside down. I remember writing in my journal that I felt "Older". It was like I aged in that one short day, still 19 years old, but different than I was the day before. The days and months that followed though were almost beautiful. The entire nation seemed to be patriotic and fighting for one cause, unlike now, divided on all sides it seems.

Kelsey said...

to reply to your comment about the movie military discount- I can get the discount with my card- I think she's was blowing some major smoke of her own. Oh and I was reading on the wa dmv website about the military liscense. I don't know if texas offers it as well. We'll see.

Melissa and Bryan said...

Great tribute! I love seeing everything you and your hubby have been doing for the past year! WOw you have done some great things together. And I loved the pictures of you with all the different hair styles! You could be in any decade... you are so gorgeous in all of them!!