Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Caution Work Is Still In Progress!!!

Here are a few pictures of the house so far. We still need to to a few touch ups and then get the moldings up and then... we tackle the floors. Tell me what you guys think!!!

Guest Bedroom



Living Room



I worked really hard to get it all done before our friends came to visit I didn't get 100% done but pretty darn close. All that is left now is prime and paint the trims then put up the moldings and chair rail. Once that is all done I will finish up the floors and we will be done with that side of things.

We are planning on buying all new furniture here soon so that overly manly couch you see, by the way it vibrates and has a flip down tray that has cup holders... Ryan got it before he met me, is going down stairs in the soon to be family room/media room.

I will probably be working on touching up the paint and what not this weekend... sooner the better!

Tell me what you think... do you like the colors and chair rail or were you totally infatuated with that pepto pink that I got rid of?!



Jes, Janessa & Jackson said...

it looks awesome!!! i'll let you know when you can come do ours!!! :)

I stinketh not!! said...

That looks AMAZING!!!! wow great job. Missed you today.

Catherine & Tyler said...

looks good!.. I love your colors!

Em and Ms said...

You did such a great job! I do like the colors, though I'm sure the pepto pink will be missed :) That's a lot of work! Thanks for sharing pictures. I still need to post pictures of our house, but I've been waiting until I have a room that's completely done. Hopefully soon.

C.Family said...

You have been busy! I wish I had that ambition and talent. We are not very good painters. I would hire you if you were closer!

nikki_ty said...

I love the colors! The new ones, not the old ones. I love it all! Good luck with the finishing touches...those seem to take the longest!

NathandAmanda said...

Everything looks sooooo good!!!! I'll always be partial to the beautiful pink living room, but the colors you've chosen now will do too. Good work!

Kathlen said...

I love the Colors!! Everything looks good!!