Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It has been a year so far...

Ryan has been home from Deployment for a year now and having him home has been a blast. Here is a list a photos of what we have done this past year together.

Ryan's homecoming

Finally taking announcement pictures... for our temple sealing...

Visited with family

Tortured our feisty little cat Ferrari... She loves it I swear!

Fed Ryan to the wolves... lol..

Enjoyed the Puget Sound

Dressed up for Halloween

Went on house hunting leave... oh and bought a house...

Saw a Mariners Game... WOOHOO!

Traveled across the country and back again...

(Shooting in St. George... well technically AZ. We had some really bad bruises that you cant really see in the picture. )

(Little girl carrying a big stick)

Visited church history sites

(This is us at Nauvoo... Can you find us?!)

Were sealed in the San Diego Temple 4/12/2008

Visited friends & family in Salt Lake

Gone NUTS on road trips... CRAZY!!!

Settled into our new home

(And started renovation on the whole house...still in progress)

Enjoyed some of the more touristy things Saratoga has to offer

(All of the fun horses that decorate Saratoga for racing season)

Visited Boston a few times...

This brings us to pretty much to the present...

I have made some awesome memories with my wonderful husband and although we have been married for just shy of 2 years 7 and a half months of that was spent apart... so we made up for lost time and lived it up... what a wonderful way to reunite.

What a crazy year it has been!


*Andrea* said...

Congratulations on being sealing in the Temple. That's cool. Looks like it was a busy year to say the lest. =]

Kelsey said...

You guys are so cute. I'm glad you guys have so much fun together no matter what you're doing. I changed my blog address but I see that you are one of my "followers" so I'm sure you could have found me anyway- or by even clicking on an old comment of mine. :)

Clark and Rachel said...

hi! Not sure if you remember both Clark and myself, but we remember you! We found your blog through Catherine's. Your pictures look SO much fun! What was your favorite place on the cross country road trip. I've always wanted to do that! Also, what association are you getting your personal training certification through? Sorry to post so many words. Love the pics though!