Friday, September 26, 2008


Today was an good day... I got to sleep in but it rained all day today and the gloomy weather made me sooo beyond tired. It is interesting how the weather affects you so much.

Work was good... got a $20 tip in our tip jar... pretty awesome and it was the end of my shift so ... I walked away with $5 after we split it all.

As for those of you how do not know and are wondering where I am working at... I am working at this little cafe called The Fortunate Cup in Saratoga ... 120 West Ave to be precis.

I would normally have looked else where for employment, coffee shops just are not my scene, but felt like it wouldnt be a bad idea to apply and as luck would have it (no real luck here just some heavenly guidance) I dont work weekends. This means I get to keep the Sabbath day holy and still get a 40 hour paycheck.

The shop is really cute and I have access to a fully loaded gym just for working there.

Our food and hot cocoa is great too... we have gelato, which is awesome, and it is made locally by a cute little italian guy.

So if you are in need of a mean hot cocoa stop by and say hi I am sure I will be working... you might be lucky and get a discount from me!!!

As for the rest of my day ... it hasnt ended yet.... I am staying up tonight so I can spend time with my hubby. He is on swings this week and our scheduals done really mesh when he is on anything but days.

Well that is all I have ... like I said good but not super eventful.



The Bohnhoff Family said...

Hi! I'll definetly stop by some time to have some hot cocoa. I love chocolate!

I know what you mean waiting for your hubby to come home.

Luckily, yours will be home a lot sooner than mine.


museumeg said...

Hi Dani,
I know what you mean about the gloomy weather. Yuck! A bunch of us gals should go visit you and Amanda at work and cheer ourselves with hot cocoa. What days do you work?
-Megan P.

I stinketh not!! said...

I've missed you tons. Everytime I drive by your coffee shop I think about stoping in.., You have anything sugar free?? I've really started to like steamed non fat milf with sugar free vanilla and sf carmel.