Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Obama... Still Not His Biggest Fan

Welcome To Obamaland...

I was practically forced to watch the Presidential Address since it was being broadcast on 6 or so channels. My curiosity got the better of my and I caved to see what "intelligent" things he had to say.

I will admit I didn't really care much to listen to what he had to say in all of the debates and so forth so when I had heard he was a wonderful speaker I figured he was, well ... a good speaker.This was not the case the other night.

In my opinion Obama should take up dancing, because all he did was dance and tip toe around the answers. Very few of the questions that were asked were ever answered.

Not only was it aggravating to listen to him NOT answer anything but he is a horrible speaker in general. I was bewildered as I watched him "umm, Uhh... umm" his way through so called answers.

As if giving half-hearted replys were not bad enough he went through the same pattern every time someone asked a question. His response went something to the effect of: a brief explanation of the question and heading to an answer, quickly get off topic, show a little attitude(as if some blame was being placed on him for something), come up with some lame story that had everything to do with some podunk town and nothing to do with the topic, this was followed by him calling on the next person for their question, and then the cycle continues.

My opinion still stands of Obama, if anything it is more concreate. He doesn't have the best interest of this country at heart. If a man cant swallow his pride long enough to place his hand on his heart during the pledge of allegiance then what makes the people of this country think that he has the humility to think of anyone other than himself and his "legacy" in the reign of his presidency.

Here is a link if you would like to watch it for yourself.



Kathlen said...

Thanks goodness for cable! I couldn't bring myself to watch, I still can't. Four more years....

NaDell said...

Yeah, I think the "Great Speaker" thing was just when he gives prepared speeches. Answering questions (or not answering anything at all and just talking) is where he shows how good he is at all of this.

Kelsey said...

I didn't watch it but I can imagine it now. Those who voted for him were voting for the popular kid who promised them ice cream. No one is getting it though.