Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sorry So Late...

WooHoo For Valentines Day!

I know I said I would be posting my Valentines Day present the day after Valentines but... well life has been a little... hectic here. I haven't slept all that well these last couple of nights and when I tell you what I got as a present you will understand.... Instead of telling you I will show you!

Ryan surprised me the morning of Valentines Day he woke me up after being at work all night and gave me a card... a very very cute card I might add. After reading the card I gave him a big hug and thanked him and he asked me if I wanted my present. I replied with " You got me a present?! Really! Thank you!" So he digs around in his backpack and hands me a collar... and then a leash. I spouted out with "You got me a puppy!?!" He said no... not yet but if you get dressed real fast we can go pick one out that you want. I leaped out of bed and threw some clothes on devoured a bagel then we headed out the door.

We headed to the local shelter and to our dismay it would not be open for another 2 and a half hours. So we headed to PetSmart to pick up supplies hoping that would kill some time. Once in PetSmart we heard puppies barking and headed to the adoption center.

I inspected all of the puppies, some not so little, and decided on four that both Ryan and I liked. Well... One we both really liked and with a name like Pickles we thought it was meant to be... but seeing his cage and him gnawing on his own paws... we had to think twice.

The first Dog we had the chance of holding and playing with ended up coming home with us but not after we tried out a few other dogs as well.

Her name WAS Marcie but we decided she was more of a Zoe...

She is a very sweet 12 week Lab/Hound mix and we couldnt be happier with our pick.

Zoe is super smart and after the first day already knows her new name. By the second day she accomplished climbing up and down stairs, has become best friends with our cat Zorro, plays fetch, can walk on a leash and is somewhat house trained... somewhat.

As for my sleepless nights I have been dealing with a husband who is working the gravyard shift and a puppy who doesnt like her kennel. Zoe also has kennel cough which she has an Vet apointment today to get taken care of.
Although having a puppy is a lot of work up front we know that she will be an awsome addition to our family and what a more perfect time to have her in our lives with a new baby on the way, not to mention Zoe is the perfect cuddle buddy for me when Ryan is not at home.

I think Ryan did an excellent job finding a Valentines Day present... our past Valentines have been kind of well... uneventful but this year made up for it 10 fold. (first Valentines he was out floating on a Ship in the middle of the Persian Gulf and our second... we just didnt have the money).

Thanks Ryan!!! :)



Kelsey said...

How adorable! So nice of Ryan to let you pick her out. I like how he was creative in telling you. Cutie!

Em and Ms said...

That is a very cute puppy. I'm glad you guys had such a good Valentine's Day!

The Bohnhoff Delight said...

Soooo AWESOME!!! and Zoe is adorable. We have been thinking about adding a dog to our family but have to wait til we get to Georgia to do that....living on base they don't permit animals...yep so our boys are still hanging out in IL.

Happy for you guys. Take care.