Thursday, February 26, 2009

Weekly Update...

Well this week has been... interesting to say the least.

Monday was fine... just a progressive headache. Dealt with a stubborn puppy who doesnt like to obey 100% of the time, oh well. Took some pain killers (tylenol) and went to bed.

Woke up at around 3 am with severe pain in my back and neck which in turn morphed into a full blown migraine and limited moblity in my back.

I laid awake for a few hours trying to relax and go back to sleep... then Ryans alarm went off... if was 5:30 in the morning. Ry wakes up to sniffles and random deep breathing and asks me if everything is ok... I burst out into tears "No... I hurt".

Ryan flips t he lights on... gives me a blessing then calls into work to inform them... he will be running late.

Our trip to the ER was... lovely as it always is. I dispise going to the ER because unless you are bleeding or have some life or death compilcations they just give you a band aid and send you on your way... which is what they did for me.

So Tuesday I was taking muscle relaxers, Tylenol and laying on a heating pad.

After well over 24 hours on a heating pad with the top half of my back drenched in Tiger Balm I finally started to feel some progress.

B eing pregnant really puts a damper on my ability to take heavy pain killers to aliviate my constant back pain.

Wednesday I went into my Dr. and asked for a refereal to a physical therapist... She basically told me that there was no other option than physical therapy ... I love being right!

Last night was also date night... We went to Best Buy and bought Ryan a laptop... he is one expensive date... and then went to TGI Fridays. I am not gonna lie that was probably one of the best stakes I have ever had... and this coming from a steak lover means a lot!

As for today I get to continue my hairpulling puppy training. Ryan says it will teach me more patience... I thought I was a pretty patient person I guess I was wrong.

So far today Zoe has refused to come when asked and only goes to the bathroom outside when... she feels like it. We are slowly but surely getting her trained. We might have to out source though.

Today I also bought 2 round trip tickets to SAN DIEGO!!!! I am so excited... granted I am not bubbling over to see Ryans family (I resever that for my side of the family) BUT I am pretty stoked to get out of NY and into some sunny weather... something a little above freezing.

**Sigh** life is good when Uncle Sam gives you your hard earned money back! Thank you Tax Return!!!

The rest of our tax return will be spent on home improvments, debts and baby stuff. Very exciting.

How has your week been?



Kelsey said...

Joe and I bought our computer the Valentines day before we got married. That was expensive Valentines Day! Hopefully some PT will help you feel better and maybe even be more patient with the puppy :) Good luck!

Em and Ms said...

Maybe if you didn't pull your hair so much (from puppy training) you wouldn't get a migraine :) J/K I'm sorry you were in so much pain! I'm glad it finally subsided and hopefully the physical therapy will help your back. That must have been some tax return! That's awesome that you are going to San Diego. When will you be there? We're going to Disneyland next month and we're so excited.

Padilla Fam said...

you're so cute dani! i hope your back gets better. We were happy for uncle sam's tax return. how exciting to go a little vacation to san diego.

The Mecham Family said...

YAY you got a puppy! They are such a pain but SO worth it!!! Congrats on the pregnancy as well! I am really excited for you and Ryan, hope all is well out East!! :)