Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We have to coolest cat EVER!

Now that I have proof of our 'fetching cat'...

Ok so I really love animals... always have and probably always will. I love dogs... I think they are great companions, they are smart, funny and just all around wonderful to have around. Well since we don't have a dog... we couldn't go any longer without our other cat Ferrari, who decided to go MIA the day we left San Diego on our trip out here, we were given a cat and named him Zorro the Masked Kitty.

Now many of you are probably wondering why I am mentioning my cat that I have already introduced on blogger in this article. Well because we found out just how cool our cat is... he can play fetch! Yes, you read right... fetch. It is hilarious. He has a ball that has little bell in it and will pick it up in his mouth and drop it close by and wait for one of us to toss it. Once tossed he jets off after it, pounces on it, bats it around like a soccer ball and picks it up with his mouth and brings it back.

He has been doing this for a little while now but Ryan had not yet experienced it until last night and now Ryan is in amazement that our cat really truely thinks, and acts, like a dog.

So far Zorro comes when he is called, plays fetch, plays hide and seek and tag. I think we can safety say that we have a pretty cool cat.

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Kelsey said...

A little identity crisis going on here? LOL