Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fathers Day... A Little Bit Late...

Ryan worked, once again, on Fathers Day. Kind of a bummer that on his first official fathers day he spent it with a bunch of dudes at work on his least favorite shift. So we had to wait till his weekend rolled around to celebrate HIS fathers day.

We woke up, after sleeping in of course!

I made him his favorite breakfast... sourdough french toast with sausage... sorry no bacon we were out.

We then went to the Automobile Museum in Saratoga Spa State Park...

THE Ferrari...
Ryan is jealous that he didnt think of this! Look at her... she is a natural!

He just HAD to try out the virtual race track... boys and their toys haha.

Ryan and Olivia in front of all of the "pretties" as Ry likes to put it.

Ryan and Olivia with the Auto Museum Race Horse

After wards... we strolled the park... visited a few of the springs... headed home and tucked in the LivieBug in bed.

Once Olivia was in bed and asleep... it was movie and cuddle time!

Although it was a laid back day... Ryan wouldnt have wanted it any other way after his previous work week.

Happy Fathers Day Ryan!!! You are the best husband and father a girl could ask for!! :)


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